Success: Alleviating Pain

Migraines Gone and More Energy

On her first visit, C., a 40 year old woman with one child, listed numerous complaints, including the following: abdominal gas and bloating, migraine headaches, constipation, ovarian failure, fatigue, brain fog, constant sweet craving and hyperthyroidism. She reported being hyperthyroid most of her life, but was first diagnosed about 1 to 1 1/2 years ago. She experienced ovarian failure at age 16 and has been on synthetic hormones for a long time. Migraine headaches have bothered her since third grade, and she has had depression on and off for the last 15 years.

She elected to eliminate gluten from her diet and has since noticed excellent improvement -- more energy, better mood, fewer migraines. Armour thyroid was added to the thyroid medication that she was already taking, and she was started on nutritional supplements tailored to her condition. Most importantly, we reduced the level of carbohydrates in her diet. 

At her most recent visit, she was exuberant about her excellent mood, her energy level (extremely good), and the resolution of her brain fog and of her migraine headaches. She has no further bloating. Her craving for sweets is no longer present.

She was recently started on bio-identical hormones and we await her progress on those. She is also in the midst of gradually reducing the dose of her antidepressant.

Comments: Does this patient sound like you? I ask, because we frequently see many patients with all or some of these problems and almost all of them do extremely well on the individualized programs we prescribe for them. 

Jeffrey C. Kopelson, M.D. 
Patient also followed by John J. Reynolds, P.A. -C, CCN

Arthritis Pain Go Away

"I have an arthritic shoulder with spurs that are very painful and limit the motion of my arm.  I tried chiropractic treatments which involved a form of acupressure. There was slight improvement, but not much.  When I went to Florida for the winter, a friend recommended an osteopathic physician who treated her for a very painful back condition.  I went to him for about four months and his treatment helped treat much of the acute painful movements.  His therapy also consisted of acupressure and massage of the muscular joints in the shoulder.  

While talking to Dr. Schachter about another medical problem, I mentioned my painful shoulder and he recommended treatments with the Electro-Acuscope machine.  I believe this machine sends electrical currents into the joint.  

I had about eight or ten treatments and the results were nothing short of miraculous.  I have practically no pain and about 90% more motion of the arm.  It's been about three or four weeks since my last treatment and there's no return of the acute pain I felt before.  ~ R. S.

In her own words:
Migraine Relief for Over 22 Years

"I spent years and years of suffering excruciatingly painful migraine headaches accompanied by vomiting, sometimes lasting two days. I sought help from conventional doctors and was told: 'You are a perfectly healthy woman who just happened to get migraines. There is nothing to be done except to take the drugs you are prescribed. Get used to it.'

I sought help from Dr. Schachter when he was located in Nyack, NY. After giving a comprehensive history and having extensive testing, I was put on a specific diet with oral vitamin and mineral supplements. Dolores, the nurse, administered a series of prescribed vitamin pushes which performed a miracle overnight. The headaches were suddenly gone, never to return. That was 22 years ago and I have not ever had a headache since. No headaches ever!

Fast forward: Today at age 84 I am full of energy, engaged in gardening and volunteer work in my community. I take no drugs except for Armour thyroid. No drugs ever!

Dr. Schachter treats the ' cause' rather than the 'symptom', while the choice of conventional doctors often seems to be the reverse. ~ J.J.



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