Patient Profiles From Dr. Schachter's files...

    Although some of these patients were treated many years ago, some having since passed away, the following case histories from Dr. Schachter's files are some of the ones he proudly includes in his lecture presentations:

C.D.- Kidney Cancer with Bilateral Lung Metastases

Seven-Year Follow-up  

C. D., a 63 year old male, presented with bilateral metastases. He was first seen in 1992. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1986 and a kidney was removed. The maximum life expectancy for his condition at that time, according to the NEJM, was 18 months. He chose not to have conventional treatment and came to the Center. He was put on an extensive oral supplement program as well as intravenous vitamin C and minerals. After seven years, he still reported good quality of life. He subsequently was placed on Interferon because of his worsening condition.

D.O. – An Inoperable Oligodendroglioma Brain Tumor

Six Year Follow-up          

D. O., a 30 year old man, developed seizures in 1993. An MRI and a biopsy revealed an inoperable oligodendroglioma. He was offered radiation but refused. He then started an alternative cancer therapy treatment program at the Center. He was placed on an extensive program of oral nutritional supplements, thyroid hormone, and intravenous vitamin and mineral drips. He also employed magnets, experiencing a negative permanent magnetic field for hours at a time. He also took conventional anti-seizure medication. During his treatment, he worked full-time driving a truck, helped care for his three children and led a normal life. An annual MRI showed no tumor growth over a six year period.

M.L. - An Inoperable Large Cell Lung Cancer

Thirteen-Year Follow-up

M.L., a 61 year old female, came to our office for alternative cancer therapy concurrent with conventional treatment. A routine chest X-ray in 1986 showed a mass that was diagnosed as lung cancer. She had a long history of smoking. The cancer was considered operable by her oncologist, and she had surgery at New York Hospital -- mediastinal lymph node involvement -- a lobe of her lung was removed. Her family was told that she would live three months. Palliative radiation was given. She started alternative treatments simultaneously. Her treatment program consisted of oral supplements and  proteolytic enzymes. She also received low dose hydrogen peroxide alternating on different days with IV Vitamin C, together with IM crude liver extract and DHEA injections. She survived with excellent quality of life for more than thirteen years.

L.M.- Breast Cancer - 4 Metastatic Lymph Nodes

Eight-Year Follow-Up

L.M, a 56 year old business woman suffered stabbing pains in her right breast in 1992. A mammogram suggested breast cancer. She underwent excision of a 1.5 cm. tumor -- and was diagnosed with stage II invasive intraductal breast cancer -- 4/17 lymph nodes contained cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation was recommended. After one chemotherapy, she cancelled and came to the Center. She underwent an alternative cancer program at the Center consisting of dietary changes, oral nutritional supplements and IV vitamin and mineral drips. At six years following her diagnosis, there was no further evidence of breast cancer recurrence, and she reported that she never felt better. Note: This patient is one of many stage I and stage II breast cancer patients who forego radiation and chemotherapy and just do an alternative cancer program after surgery.

M.S. - Colon CA with Lymph Node Involvement

Six-Year Follow-up

M. S. was a 61 year old married mother of a chiropractor. In 1993 she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent surgery, a resection of the cancer, and one lymph node was found to be positive -- Duke's Stage C. Chemotherapy was recommended. She quit after one week because she became so ill from the treatment. Alternative treatment was started at the Center. She was prescribed an extensive oral supplementation program and a homeopathic remedy specific to intermittent intestinal obstruction caused by adhesions. She was also prescribed fresh raw vegetable juices and instructed how to improve her diet and lifestyle. The 5 year recurrence rate with conventional therapy is more than 50%. This patient passed the 6 year mark with no apparent recurrence. She was monitored by her oncologist with periodic colonoscopies and scans.


M.G.- Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Bone Marrow Involvement

Seven-Year Follow-up

M. G. was a 47 year old male who developed a lump near his elbow in 1991. Six months later he had a second enlarged lymph node in his thigh. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Bone marrow biopsies in 1992 showed Stage IV involvement. The patient was asymptomatic and no chemotherapy was recommended. He started alternative cancer treatment in New York City in 1992. This involved lifestyle modification, an extensive list of oral nutritional supplements and IV drips. He started at the Schachter Center 6 months later. During the next few years the lymph nodes in the groin regressed and there was no clear evidence of cancer. At the seven year point after his diagnosis, the patient was in total remission without receiving conventional treatment. Maintenance IV drips were continued once a month. As of 2011 he was still cancer free. He had no further IV drips the last 10 years.

L.G.- Stage B, Gleason 8, Prostate Cancer

Five-and-a-Half-Year Follow-Up

L. G. was a 60 year old man with a 37 year old wife and an active sex life. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, at least Stage B, with a Gleason Score of 7-8 (relatively rapidly growing cancer). He received possible recommendations of radical prostatectomy, radiation seed implants or external beam radiation. After consulting with Dr Schachter in March of 1994, he decided to do an alternative cancer program instead of any conventional treatment. He was placed on a program which included an improved diet and  oral supplements. He was carefully monitored with PSA tests and periodic transrectal ultrasounds of the prostate. He has been stable for more than five years.


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