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Mirko Beljanski’s Controversial Approach to Treating Cancer

by Michael B. Schachter, MD, CNS, FACAM


bulletProfessor Mirko Beljanski, PhD
bullet132 Scientific Publications
bulletBorn and Spent Most of his Life in France Where Most of his Research Done
bulletWorked at the Prestigious Pasteur Institute for 30 Years from 1948 to 1978
bulletForced to Leave the Pasteur Institute When his Innovative Ideas Conflicted with Other Scientists There
bulletContinued His Work and Continued to Publish
bulletResearch Involved Tissue Culture, Plant and Animal Studies in Many Related Areas 
bulletMajor Political and Economic Pressures because of Innovative Ideas
bulletWay Ahead of his Time
bulletDeveloped Useful Theories with Major Practical Clinical Implications
bulletWorked Closely with A Number of Clinicians to Help Patients with Serious Diseases
bulletTragically Died in 1998
bulletHis Wife, Daughter and Others are Attempting to Continue to Carry Out His Work
bulletBasic Research and Clinical Approach is Not Well Known Outside of France and Perhaps Belgium
bulletMajor Contributions in Understanding  
bulletBasic Life Processes in Plants, Animals, Microorganisms
bulletDNA and RNA Relationships
bulletViral Illnesses
bulletDeveloped Non-Toxic Products Beneficial to:
bulletAll Cancer Patients
bulletPatients Suffering from AIDS and Other Viral Diseases
bulletAutoimmune & Other Degenerative Diseases
bulletProducts Available as Oral Dietary Supplements from the United States
bulletFairly Expensive
bulletExtensively Used by Several Physicians in France and Belgium, Often in Combination with Conventional Treatment

 Beljanski’s Theory of Cancer

bulletCancer Results from Destabilized DNA
bulletGenes Consist of DNA—Double-Stranded Helix
bulletStrands Lightly Bound Together by Hydrogen Bonds
bulletCancerous & Pre-cancerous DNA have Many Broken &/or Interrupted Hydrogen Bonds
bulletSome Areas of DNA—Strands Far Away from Each Other
bulletWhen Strands Far Away—
bulletOpen to Attack by Other Molecules, Such as Carcinogens
bulletDNA Replicates More Easily, as in Cancer
bulletGenes Produce Abnormal Products, as in Cancer
bulletOther Areas of DNA Too Close Together
bulletEssential Products from Genes Not Produced
bulletThese Cancerous & Pre-cancerous DNA are Destabilized
bulletDestabilized DNA Develops From Bombardment by Carcinogens
bulletOnce Somewhat Destabilized, the DNA is More Susceptible to Other Carcinogens
bulletThis Becomes Vicious Cycle
bulletCan Determine Stability of DNA by:
bulletMeasuring the Absorbance of a Certain Frequency of UV Light
bulletMeasuring Replication of Cells in Tissue Culture
bulletBasis for Oncotest to Determine if a Substance is Carcinogenic
bulletSubstances that Increased the Absorbance (Hyperchromicity) of Destabilized DNA Were Carcinogenic
bulletOncotest is Able to Identify Carcinogens
bulletUsing Oncotest, Beljanski Found:
bulletCommon Carcinogens Easily Identified
bulletCancer Chemotherapeutic Drugs are Carcinogenic in Low Doses
bulletSteroids Like Estrogens in High Doses are Carcinogenic (Though Not Mutagenic)
bulletUsing Reverse Logic, Beljanski Found Other Substances Decreased the Absorbance of Destabilized DNA
bulletSubstances that Decreased the Absorbance Would be Effective Anticancer Drugs
bulletWith Years of Research, He Found Some Substances Would Do This
bulletThey Turned Out to be Effective Anticancer Agents
bulletThese Anticancer Agents Actually Seem to Work Better When Low Doses of Carcinogens are Used Concurrently, as More Hydrogen Bond Sites Become Available for Anticancer Agents to Bind

Beljanski Products

bulletThis is the Basis for Two Beljanski Anti-Cancer Products: PAO V and ROVOL V
bulletBoth of these Compounds are Alkaloids Derived from Herbs
bulletPAO V is Derived from Pao Pereira
bulletROVOL V is Derived from Rauwolfia
bulletPAO V and ROVOL V have No Adverse Effects on Normal Cells
bulletThey Link Weakened Hydrogen Bonds in Cancer Cells Causing:
bulletInhibition of Replication and Death to Cancer Cells that are Highly Abnormal, or
bulletNormalization of Cancer Cells that are only Slightly Abnormal
bulletPAO V Seems to be Useful in All Forms of Cancer
bulletROVOL V Seems Best in Hormone Related Cancers
bulletLow Doses of Chemotherapy & Radiation Potentiate the Effects of PAO V and ROVOL V
bullet High Doses of Vitamin C, Iron, Ferritin and Vitamin B12 and Possibly Other Natural Substances Interfere with PAO V
bulletDosages of PAO V and Rovol V Range from 6 to 15 per Day in Divided Dosage
bulletReal Build is Derived from the RNA of E. Coli: It May Be Used to Protect & Nurture Stem Cells that Produce White Blood Cells & Platelets; Particularly Important for Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation &/or Chemotherapy
bulletDosage of Real Build is Dissolving the Powder from One Capsule Under the Tongue from Once Daily to Once Weekly
bulletGinkgo V is an Extract from Ginkgo Biloba (Different from What is Sold in Health Food Stores)
bulletGinkgo V Regulates Genetic Activity & Helps Prevent Fibrosis from Radiation
bulletDosage of Ginkgo V is from 5 to 10 Capsules Daily in Divided Dosage




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