Dr. Schachter's
informative book
on depression: 

Learn how to fight depression safely and effectively

If you are afflicted with depression, you know the terrible toll this illness can take on all aspects of your life. But despite the millions of prescriptions that are written each year, costly antidepressants are not always effective and can produce disabling side effects.

Now Dr. Michael B. Schachter, a leading expert in orthomolecular psychiatry and nutritional medicine, presents a groundbreaking program that has helped thousands find relief naturally, safely and effectively, often without the use of medication. 


In this authoritative, supportive guide, you'll discover:

How to identify the causes of your depression and where to seek help
A proven regimen of safe, natural supplements and proper nutrition tailored to your personal needs
Drug-free methods for controlling the levels of mood-affecting chemicals in your brain
How to eliminate depression-inducing toxins from your system
Important lifestyle modifications that can really make a difference.






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